The Louisiana Student Records System (LaSRS) is an online portal that allows students, parents, and school administrators to access important student records and information. Getting access to your LaSRS login credentials is easy if you are an authorized user.

LaSRS Login

Who Can Access LaSRS

LaSRS is available to students, parents/guardians, and school system employees across Louisiana. As a student, you can view your academic records, test scores, attendance history, and more. Parents can also access many records to monitor their child’s progress. Teachers, counselors, administrators and other staff use LaSRS for tasks like taking attendance, recording grades, and generating reports.

Getting Your LaSRS Login

Students and parents must first create an account on the main LaSRS portal page at lasrs.la.gov. You will need to provide basic contact information and verify your identity. Students must enter their official school ID number and date of birth to set up an account. Parents and guardians must provide the same for their enrolled child, along with additional contact details.

Once your account is created, you use your new username and password each time you login to LaSRS. For security, it’s important not to share your personal LaSRS credentials. School employees are typically provided login access by their district or school technology department. Admin accounts provide additional system permissions based on a user’s specific role.

Navigating the LaSRS Portal

After logging in, students and parents arrive on a dashboard page in LaSRS. This page displays basic profile details and a menu to access grades, attendance, test scores, schedules, and other records. The layout and options available through the portal may differ slightly between school systems but contain much of the same information.

LaSRS Login Portal access

Teachers and school administrators see specialized dashboard menus related to their job roles. This may include access to take attendance, enter assessment and assignment grades, run academic reports, communicate with parents, and more. The administration tools allow schools to update, manage, and draw insights from student data daily.

Resetting Your LaSRS Password

If you forget your LaSRS username or password, use the self-service options on the portal login page. Links allow you to enter your user ID or email address to receive a password reset link. If you can still access your account, you’ll need to contact your school or district LaSRS administrator to have your login manually reset. They can ensure you regain portal access while keeping all student data safe and secure.

Accessing Records After Graduation

Alumni students still have access to their LaSRS academic history even after graduating or transferring schools. Maintaining access to old schedules, grades, test scores, and attendance records can be useful for college applications, scholarships, audits, proof of graduation, and more. As laws and district policies allow, LaSRS provides a continuous view of your educational data over time.

Logging in to the LaSRS portal is quick and easy for authorized students, parents, and school employees. If you have any trouble accessing student records or using LaSRS features, don’t hesitate to contact local administrators for assistance. Starting today, see how LaSRS can help you stay informed and unlock insights into academic progress across Louisiana.