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LaSRS Login Mobile App is a free and convenient way to access the Louisiana State’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for providers. The EVV system, also known as LaSRS, is a web-based application that allows providers to record and verify the delivery of home and community-based services to Medicaid participants.

The LaSRS Login Mobile App enables providers to use their smartphones to check in and out of visits, view past services, receive alerts and messages, and access other features of the LaSRS system.

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In addition to the web dashboard, authorized LaSRS Login users can also access key Louisiana school data and analytics via the official LaSRS mobile app.

The app allows quick insights and notifications on smartphones for on-the-go decision making.

LaSRS Login

Key Features of the LaSRS Mobile App

  • View student profiles, attendance, and performance data.
  • Generate and share reports from anywhere.
  • Use analytics tools like the Early Warning System.
  • Enable push notifications for alerts and updates.
  • Biometric authentication via Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Support for both cellular data and WiFi.
  • Create home screen shortcuts.
  • 24/7 availability like web platform.

How to Download and Sign In

  • Download the free LaSRS Login app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Tap to open the app and select Get Started.
  • Enter your regular LaSRS username and password to sign in.
  • Accept requested permissions to enable full functionality.
  • Optional biometrics or passcode for added security.

You can now access the full LaSRS Login system through the convenience of the mobile app!

LaSRS Login Access

Key Use Cases for the Mobile App

  • Teachers – Quickly check student attendance, grades, and behavior outside the classroom. Receive alerts on changes.
  • Administrators – View real-time metrics and generate reports during management meetings, and school walks. Access data on the field.
  • District staff – Monitor school data while traveling for site visits. Surface insights during discussions.
  • Parents – Check your own child’s information like grades, and attendance after school hours. Limited access.
  • State officials – Review school metrics while on the go or in remote areas with no desktop access.

Best Practices for App Users

  • Set up notifications for your highest priority metrics like attendance rate.
  • Be mindful of data privacy when accessing student data in public settings.
  • Proactively update your mobile OS and the LaSRS Login app to the latest versions.
  • Report any bugs or issues faced while using the mobile app.
  • Use a passcode and limit access if using a shared device.
  • Disable LaSRS app access before handing your mobile device to others.


The LaSRS mobile app vastly expands insights access, allowing users to leverage school data on the go 24/7. Combined with the web dashboard, authorized staff can stay informed after school hours and use data more dynamically. Download the easy-to-use app and integrate it into your daily workflow today!

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