Navigating the LaSRS Dashboard

The Louisiana School Reporting System (LaSRS) provides authorized users access to a wealth of important K-12 education data through an online dashboard interface.

Here is an overview of key sections and functionalities within the LaSRS dashboard:

LaSRS Login


The homepage is the default landing page upon logging in to LaSRS Login.

  • Announcements, alerts and quick statistics are in the top overview section.
  • Main menu with section shortcuts on the left sidebar.
  • Central workspace to open reports, tools and data.
  • Upcoming to-do list and recent activity timeline on the right sidebar.

The homepage provides a quick at-a-glance overview along with handy shortcuts to access other parts of the platform.

Student Information

This section allows authorized users to search for and view individual student data including:

  • Demographics like name, gender, ethnicity.
  • Enrollment history, grade level, and home address.
  • Attendance, tardiness, and discipline incident logs.
  • Academic performance – test scores, grades, interventions.
  • Health, special needs, eligibility status.

Access is limited based on user permissions.

Report Generation

The report generation module allows the easy creation of informative reports using:

  • Customizable templates for standard reports.
  • Filters to target specific demographics, date ranges, and schools.
  • Options to modify layout and visualizations.
  • Exporting to PDF, Excel, and CSV formats.
  • Report scheduling and notifications.

Analytics Tools

Analytics tools like the Early Warning System integrate indicators to predict outcomes like dropouts. Users can also create charts, graphs and maps for visual data analysis.

Raw Data Tables

For direct data access, interactive tables allow sorting, filtering and export of raw data sets around students, staffing, academics, finances, etc.

LaSRS Login Portal


Account management settings to update profile, change password, set notifications, modify security questions, etc. Also contains user guides.

Key Features

  • Search tools to easily find data.
  • Tagging reports, pages, and data for bookmarking.
  • Minimal intuitive navigation and workflows.
  • Responsiveness for access across desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Accessibility compliance.
  • Contextual user assistance.

The LaSRS dashboard simplifies access and usage of data for actionable insights. Effective navigation unlocks its immense potential.

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