LaSRS Login: How to Assign and Manage Workers and Participants

A key advantage of Louisiana’s LaSRS portal for coordinating in-home care is the ability to digitally assign providers to participants along with managing access and authorizations. Properly establishing these linkages between worker credentials and participant profiles ensures accurate documentation, continuity of care, and smooth onboarding. This article explains simple steps for using your LaSRS login to connect staff to cases.

LaSRS Login

Adding New Provider Accounts

Maintaining current rosters of active providers in LaSRS begins by submitting registration requests for new workers:

  • Gather details like legal name, demographics, credentials, and contact data
  • Complete request forms to authorize access level for an individual provider
  • Obtain the assigned username and temporary password for accessing their profile

Make sure all network caregivers complete orientation training before granting system credentials.

Linking Accounts to Participants

Once a provider account activates, properly assign individual participants for documenting visits:

  • Reference authorizations showing approved worker assignments per participant
  • Search participant profiles to view existing provider access
  • Use “Add Provider” tools to connect authorized workers to assigned cases
  • Set permissions determining specific documentation tools available

Updating these linkages as caseloads adjust ensures accurate visibility.

Removing Inactive Providers

When workers leave the network, immediately revoke system access by:

  • Finding user account in network provider list views
  • Selecting “Remove Provider” tools to delete specific access
  • Confirming any remaining documentation gets reassigned

This maintains security and continuity for ongoing participant care.

LaSRS Login Portal

Best Practices for Account Administration

Follow these tips for smooth LaSRS user account administration:

  • Complete orientation training prior to activating logins
  • Only link current authorized providers to participant profiles
  • Adjust linkages promptly when assignments change
  • Revoke access immediately for inactive provider accounts
  • Audit connections routinely to verify appropriate access


Effectively using LaSRS tools for managing provider-to-participant connections alongside maintaining proper access permissions eliminates obstacles in coordinating care. Keeping electronic assignments and authorizations up to date ensures every worker interacts only with appropriate profiles. This prevents visibility gaps that undermine continuity. Schedule periodic audits to confirm correct caregiver-participant links across caseloads as staffing needs evolve.

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