How do I reset my password on Lasrs?

Resetting Your LaSRS Password

If you have forgotten your login password for the Louisiana State Retirement System member portal, you can easily reset it through the “Forgot Password” link on the main login page.

To initiate a password reset, click the Forgot Password button and enter either your registered username, email address, or social security number. This will trigger an email to be sent to your registered email on file with your LaSRS retirement account.

LaSRS Login

Open this email and click on the unique password reset link inside. This will redirect you to a secure page to create and confirm your new password for LaSRS site access.

Be sure your new password follows the displayed complexity rules in terms of minimum length and mix of characters. This enhances security.

Once confirmed, you can use your new credentials to login to your retirement account and manage your pension details as usual. The reset link expires after 24 hours if unused.


How long does the reset link email take to arrive?

Usually within 5 minutes if not instant. Check spam folders.

Can I reset via mobile app too?

Yes, use the Forgot Password option in the LaSRS mobile app to trigger a reset also.

What if my email is outdated?

Call LaSRS support to first confirm your contact email on file before a reset is possible.

In summary, via email verification and a secure reset link, retrieving access to your important LaSRS retirement account is quick and simple if you ever face login issues.

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