LaSRS Login: How to Troubleshoot Common Issues and Errors

LaSRS, the Louisiana Services Reporting System, is an invaluable online portal that caregivers rely on to manage in-home visits. But like any technology, the system can occasionally develop issues that lead to login failures, error messages, or problems accessing certain tools. As a busy home health provider, you don’t have time for headaches from finicky software. This article covers some quick troubleshooting steps for common LaSRS problems.

LaSRS Login

Can’t Login? Double Check Credentials

A login failure when attempting to access LaSRS is one of the most frequently reported issues. Often this is simply caused by entering an incorrect username or password. To troubleshoot:

  • Carefully retype credentials – check for capital letters and special characters
  • Use password reset option if locked out after failed attempts
  • Contact support to confirm account is active and enabled

An inactive account or security lock can also prevent login. Taking a minute to slowly double check entered details or reset passwords typically resolves most access problems.

Getting “Session Timed Out” Messages?

Due to security protocols, LaSRS will automatically log users off the system after a set time period of inactivity. This leads to frustrating “session timed out” messages when you return to documenting a visit. But this problem has an easy fix:

  • Be sure to fully logout when done using LaSRS for a work period by clicking your name > Sign Out.
  • When returning from a break, login to reset the activity timer for a fresh session.
  • Increase session length to longer durations through account settings.

Following proper protocols for logging in and out will help minimize useless session timeouts as you navigate away from the portal to handle other tasks.

Can’t Find a Participant Record?

Searching for a participant you need to document visits for but coming up empty in LaSRS records is incredibly aggravating. If known details like name, DOB, Medicaid ID, etc. yield no results, try these tips:

  • Confirm case is authorized for services in LaSRS program.
  • Verify if recent discharged from hospital/facility back to community.
  • Contact support staff who may need to recreate or reauthorize record.
  • Check alternate spelling or nickname formats of names.

Most missing participant situations just require getting that individual reactivated in the system or refreshing stale details.

LaSRS Login Portal access

Why Won’t Visit Verification Save Properly?

Trying to clock in and out to verify arrival and departure times for a home visit but having issues saving the data is another headache for LSRS users. Some troubleshooting options if details won’t properly record:

  • Refresh browser if experiencin frozen screens or error messages
  • Allow sufficien clock out duration for travel – don’t end times early
  • Make sure completin any require supplemental documentation
  • Check internet connectio stability if using mobile verification
  • Retry saving data or contact support if problems persist

A little trial and error combined with updating any connectivity problems tends to get visit verification operating smoothly again.


While LaSRS brings invaluable efficiency and regulatory compliance to in-home care providers, the occasional glitch still occurs that can interrupt normal workflows. Following the basic troubleshooting actions above for common login, access, and documentation issues allows busy caregivers to get back to efficiently managing visits. But when problems continue despite best efforts, promptly reach out to the LSRS help desk for friendly, knowledgeable support getting systems working properly again.

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