LaSRS Login: A Free and Easy Way to Manage Your EVV Data

If you provide in-home personal care services, you likely know about the federal Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) mandate. To comply with EVV rules, care providers must electronically verify service visits including clock-in/out times. Managing this data can be challenging, especially for small businesses and self-employed caregivers. That’s why utilizing Louisiana’s free LaSRS login is such an invaluable tool. In this article, we’ll explain what LaSRS is, its key benefits, and how to easily manage your EVV data through this system.

LaSRS Login

Key Benefits of Using LaSRS

Utilizing your unique LaSRS login offers numerous advantages for easily managing EVV data including:

  • Meets federal and state EVV compliance rules
  • Reduces paperwork and manual reporting
  • Provides time-stamped verification of service visits
  • Functions on all devices with internet access
  • Offers a user-friendly web interface and mobile app
  • Improves coordination of services across the care team
  • Quickly generates reports and visit data needed for claims
  • Simplifies billing with verified electronic records
  • No cost for registered providers to use the system

For small in-home care agencies or self-employed caregivers, LaSRS provides an essential tool for EVV compliance without expensive technology investments.

Setting Up Your LaSRS Access

Gaining access to LaSRS is simple. Contact the support team of your authorizing agency or payer to register for credentials. For example, providers authorized through DOA/OAAS would contact Program Integrity for login assistance. You just need to supply some basic business and user details.

The registering agency will provide a username and password to access LaSRS through any modern web browser. Download mobile apps for iOS or Android devices to verify visits and enter data from anywhere.

LaSRS Login Portal

Key Features for EVV Data Management

Your LaSRS login provides access to these essential EVV-related functions:

Visit Verification – Confirm service visits by entering real-time clock-in and clock-out timestamps as you start and finish appointments.

Visit Notes – Document details like services performed, health status observations, supply needs, barriers to care, and follow-up coordination during each visit.

Assessments – Complete mandatory assessments associated with certain programs to evaluate ongoing participant needs.

Authorizations – View authorized number of hours and approved services allocated to a participant under various funding programs.

Reporting – Produce detailed reports on service utilization for claims and compliance needs.

Through consistent use of these tools, LaSRS provides robust yet hassle-free EVV data documentation suitable for compliance and billing.

Best Practices When Using LaSRS

Follow these tips to smoothly manage your agency’s EVV data using the LaSRS system:

  • Verify every visit’s start and end times for accurate claims data
  • Enter comprehensive visit notes at or shortly after appointments
  • Review reporting dashboards to catch any documentation gaps
  • Learn to run reports for claims submissions
  • Contact support if issues accessing or using system functions
  • Set up mobile access to manage data from anywhere

Properly using all LaSRS features ensures you have the verified EVV records required for getting paid quickly.


With increasing state and federal regulations around EVV compliance for home care providers, tools like Louisiana’s LaSRS portal are essential for simplified data management at no added technology cost. Conveniently verifying visits, drafting detailed care notes, and running needed reports through your secure LaSRS login allows smaller in-home provider agencies to meet requirements while improving quality and continuity of care. Reach out today to get registered for system access that lets you easily collect and manage EVV data.

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