How to Use LaSRS Login to Verify and Document Your Service Visits

As a service provider, properly documenting your service visits is crucial for getting paid, ensuring accurate records, and providing quality customer service. Louisiana has an online system called LaSRS (Louisiana Services Reporting System) that allows providers to easily verify visits and enter documentation. In this article, we’ll walk through the key things you need to know about using your LaSRS login to record and confirm your in-home service visits.

LaSRS Login

Getting Set Up with LaSRS

LaSRS is managed through the Louisiana Department of Health. To gain access, you’ll first need to obtain a login ID and password. Reach out to your supervisor or the team that oversees coordination of services to get registered as a system user.

Once you have login credentials, you can access LaSRS through a web browser on any internet-connected device, including a smartphone, tablet, or computer. There is also a mobile app version available for Android and iOS devices.

Verifying Visits Through LaSRS

One of the primary functions of LaSRS is verifying service visits. As the provider, you are responsible for confirming the basic details about visits you conduct. This provides accountability and gives administrators an overview of services being delivered.

When you arrive onsite to begin a scheduled visit, log into the LaSRS system. Search for the participant record using identifying details like name, date of birth, Medicaid ID, etc. On the Visit Verification screen, enter details like the check-in/out times and services rendered. Some visits may have additional forms for you to complete related to that particular service.

Accurately documenting check-in/out times verifies you were on site providing care for the duration of the scheduled visit. Precision here is important, as it can impact claims and payments.

LaSRS Login Portal access

Entering Progress Notes and Other Details

In addition to verifying your time on site, you can use LaSRS to enter detailed progress notes about the care you provided during the visit. Progress notes are tremendously helpful for continuity of care across multiple providers, administrators, and family caregivers involved in the participant’s case.

Within the progress notes, document any pertinent observations, changes in condition, assistance provided during your visit, reactions/mood of the participant, plans for future visits, supplies needed, and other details that provide the full picture. Be objective, clear, and concise. Use terminology others will understand. Follow all regulations regarding protected health information to ensure privacy and security.

You may also need or choose to complete standardized assessments, care plans, incident reports, task sheets, and more through the LaSRS portal. Complete all reporting thoroughly and accurately, making sure to save as you enter information.

Benefits for Providers

Using LaSRS for visit verification and documentation offers numerous benefits:

  • Get paid faster with properly recorded visits connected to claims/billing
  • Standardized online system easy to learn and use
  • Submit paperwork immediately from any location
  • Continuity of care improved through detailed progress notes
  • Time-stamped records provide accountability and verification
  • Reduces paperwork and manual data entry errors

With some training and practice, most providers find LaSRS to be an intuitive and user-friendly case management tool. Reach out for assistance if you have any trouble accessing system functions or could benefit from a refresher.

LaSRS Login Access

Best Practices Using LaSRS

Follow these best practices when using your LaSRS login to complete service visit reporting:

  • Verify visits immediately upon arrival on site
  • Double check accuracy of check-in/out times
  • Review the planned services and forms needing completion
  • Enter objective, detailed progress notes about the visit
  • Use clear terminology others will understand
  • Complete all required assessments and documentation
  • Save progress frequently to avoid data loss
  • Review for completion and accuracy before submitting
  • Logout and close browser when finished


Effectively utilizing all the capabilities of Louisiana’s LaSRS system enables providers to deliver higher quality care while meeting administrative needs for verification and documentation. Taking the time to properly record service visit details through LaSRS leads to better continuity, accountability, and coordination in serving program participants. Reach out for any needed training or troubleshooting as you use your LaSRS login to confirm and document visits. Consistently entering thorough, accurate data will benefit all involved in the participant’s care.

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